The Holiday Psychologist is

Qualified Psychologist by day, and master of many things, Stephanie Lau.

She is an eager traveller, eater of good food, live-r of a 'good life' and tries to balance ALL THE THINGS. She likes taking a good photo and living life to the fullest. Positive psychology helps her do this. And so can you.


The Holiday Psychologist emerged from Stephanie's dream to empower herself and others to achieve that token phrase of 'work/life balance'.

Stephanie works a-lot and tries to save this money to HOLIDAY (as regularly as possible) between the wrath of three jobs (boyfriend included), a mortgage and an active social life. Stephanie's passion for well-being has been a long-standing mission, which began on a journey in her teens while working in mental health psychosocial rehabilitation.

As a practising psychologist, Stephanie has learnt a number of significant life lessons - the critical one being that your health is all you have. Your well-being is paramount to all else: WELL-BEING IS NUMBER ONE - everything else is secondary.


Stephanie recognises that 'working to live' (not 'living to work') is ideal, but we still have to pay the bills.
So how do we attain a work/life balance from the limited annual leave that we all have?
How do we work hard but also play hard?

The HP mantra is to: 
work smart
play hard
live a 'good life'
& be mindful in all our every day experiences –
but particularly while on a blissful holiday!

Join The HP on this journey of enjoying your holidays so that you are not working all the goddamn time to attain balance, achieve optimal well-being and live a 'good life'.