Holiday Stress Part 2: Pre-Holiday Self-Care

My previous post discussed the impact of holiday stress and managing work commitments in the lead up to going away and I am now less than 4 days away from the big trip! Stress has become me…

Self-care and managing holiday stress before heading off is important for numerous reasons. The main reasons being: 1) no one wants to be stressed before going on holiday and 2) you don’t want to get sick before going away!!

Extended periods of stress lead to excessive amounts of cortisol, a suppressed immune system and therefore an increased susceptibility to picking up bugs and all sorts of things. Often, we find that while on the go, the adrenaline is pumping, then as soon as we slow down, we fall ill, before or during our holidays. While our bodies are strong and versatile, they can only run on depleted resources for so long – and something has to give way. Usually it’s our health (both physical and mental). And it sucks.

Pre-holiday self-care doesn’t need to be complicated. It also doesn’t need to be expensive or extremely time consuming. But it does need to help you de-stress.

Over the last two weeks, I had my hair cut (which wasn’t so much relaxing as opposed to general maintenance) but it was still a forced no-work time where I had to go and sit in the hairdresser’s chair, have my hair washed, massaged and engage in mindless conversation about my flat hair. It was a mindless, superficial act of ‘doing nothing’. I also had my first experience in a float at Sensu Spa – again, another act of ‘doing nothing’ by being forced to be mindful and relax by floating in a bath of salt crystals.  By making the time for these activities, I was forced to slow down, stop and prioritise my wellbeing before going away.

The act of ‘doing nothing’ is greatly underrated. Day to day, we find ourselves rushing between appointments, work and social commitments and it wears us down. While I did become somewhat antsy while getting my hair done and floating, I probably needed that enforced downtime.

Before your next holiday, consider how you can implement self-care into your pre-trip lead up.

Can you:

  • Book a treatment – massage, float, facial?
  • Schedule me-time to meditate, exercise, or just ‘do nothing’?
  • Prioritise decreasing your stress levels to minimise the risk of getting sick before going on holiday?

As I write this, I am actually sick. My body has succumbed to the busy-ness of pre-trip preparation. It doesn't help that my day job consists of little people interactions (as much as I love them, small humans are balls of bacteria).

Self-care and stress management before a holiday is critical to setting you on the right path to a rejuvenating break in order to enjoy a healthy, happy holiday – without the hindrance of being stuck in bed for that first leg of your trip.

Wish me luck for the last few days before jet-setting off! - The HP

Many thanks to Sensu Spa  for my floatation soak experience - check out their website for plenty of holiday-ready TLC treatments!