The Virgin HP blog

Hi all! Welcome to the virgin HP blog.

I’m Stephanie Lau, The Holiday Psychologist. If you’ve read the ‘about me’ section already, it talks about how I got here.  I am a practising psychologist who works with individuals over the lifespan. I am passionate about the prevention of illness and negative psychopathology. I do not like the idea of trying to “cure” ailments. I like to take preventative measures.

I have a dream: to create more balance in my life and others’ lives by going on fantastic holidays. I think life is too short to be chasing our tails all the time and #YOLO. Wellbeing and good health should be the priority in our lives, however, I feel like this is more often than not, pushed to the side. Instead, we make way for work, work, money, career and professional achievements. Don’t get me wrong – I can relate. I am someone who prides myself in my academic and career accomplishments, and I thought (quite naively for a very long time) that these achievements would be enough to make me feel content. But we know (and me of all people!!) - as is clearly documented in well-being research - that career and financial successes do not equate to absolute feelings of happiness of 'self-actualisation'.

Now, my priorities have changed. Now, I value meaning in my life for what I do (purpose) and being able to cultivate strong supportive relationships. I want to be engaged doing things I enjoy - not just things I have found myself doing by default. I want to experience ALL the positive emotions associated with these feelings of fulfilment. I believe we all should. And why? Because our wellbeing is paramount to anything else in this world.

I hope you follow me on this journey as I encourage wellbeing through the act of balance, positive psychology and going on good goddamn holidays. Share my holiday experiences with me and live vicariously!

I will cover a range of topics through my adventures. I hope to discuss the difficulties associated with leave/holidays/stress/work-life balance, how stressful it can be to organise a holiday, actually go on one and share helpful strategies to make the most of holiday experiences and limited annual leave!

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Here’s to a positive journey of holidaying together.

-Stephanie, The Holiday Psychologist